List of Limo Operator in Montreal, Laval, Mont-Tremblant

Limousine Broadway

Getting a limo, nothing easier. In 24/7 operation in Montreal, Laval, North shore area, we are always ready to give you all the information or explication you need on our various services and vehicles. Our limos are equipped with many management and planning tools, our experienced and devoted personnel will help you plan, manage and follow up on your demands and transportation needs.

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Telephone: 514-990-5753


Mike Limousines

Mike Limousines offers customized, comfortable and discreet transport service in a sophisticated atmosphere at reasonable prices. Book a ride today or call us anytime!

Telephone: 514-244-5466


Everything about crypto coins: Bitcoins, Litecoins, Altcoins.

1) Get a bitcoin wallet: You may choose to create your own wallet on your computer using a bitcoin wallet software like Electrum, or use a Cloud Service like BitGo. For your main wallet choose the solution that suit your security criteria.

2) Learn a few tricks.

A) Cryptocoins transaction CANNOT be reversed. Be shure before doing any transfert. Never tranfer in rush, check transfert fee.
B) If the coins are not in your wallet or a wallet that you OWN the master key. IT CANNOT BE 100% SAFE.
C) CryptoCoins can be trusted, people gravitating around anything that as value cannot.
D) Nothing is Free, if it sound to good to be true, it is probably not.
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3) Don’t think you can mine crypto coins using old PC’s. With current difficulty of mainstream crypto coins, you won’t get any coins at all. Best solution involve High End graphic card or custom ASIC.

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Coin Exchange

Cloud Coin Mining

Here you’ll find the only cloud based founded yet. Most of the other are scam or future bubble, CEX.IO no longer operate cloud mining but continue to trade hash unit. If you think you have the hardware it takes to mine BTC or LTC, CEX will give you the best experience. you can trade almost all coins plus 4 mining pools to keep your computers occupied while you learn coins trading secrets. is a mixture of trading website (KHS/BTC) and an instant mining crew. They used GPU in the past and now use ASIC. They mine Altcoin and pay in BTC every 10 minutes. I personally love them, lets see if they can scale at the same pace as the market.

List of Satoshi Faucets (BitCoins) : Every Minute 10 min

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